Ruby Hoshino


Ruby Hoshino, from “Oshi no Ko,” is a determined idol trainee striving for stardom and chasing her dreams. Her journey through the challenges of the entertainment industry showcases her growth and self-discovery alongside fellow idols.

Ruby Hoshino

About Ruby Hoshino

I am Ruby Hoshino from the anime Oshi No Ko

I am a young girl with dreams of becoming an idol in the entertainment industry.

I am the daughter of the famous idol, Hiiragi Hoshino, and my father’s identity remains undisclosed for a significant portion of the series.

My childhood was unconventional due to my mother’s celebrity status, which often kept them apart. This absence of a typical family environment has influenced my character deeply.

I inherit her mother’s talent for singing and performing, which becomes a significant aspect of my character arc

I grapple with my identity, torn between my desire to follow in my mother’s footsteps as an idol and my longing for a normal life away from the spotlight.

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